whats the meaning of life.
blindly following the norms, and not as good as others.
until i can't remember where's the fire in me, and what i'm passionate on.
i'd rather myself to be another ordinary girl and stay kl, happy to be  who i am and where i am.
than make myself stuck in here, not knowing what i'm chasing for everyday.
Sometimes i'd rather you listen to me more
rather than singing or playing piano to me


I really hope that, you can care about me more.
Just try to put yourself in my shoes, that'll be good enough.
Just like when you're excitedly sharing something you encountered from your side, I try to be curious and as enthusiastic as you.
And not like when i told you some problem, you just silently let it goes and back to your own topic...

 I bursted into tears while i was on the phone with you
I had been trying very best to hold them on but still, i failed
You were so nervous, not knowing what to do except making stupid jokes to regain my smiles
I don't like to be vulnerable in front of others, but tonight, you're not another person
You're like a part of me, like you said its never you and me, but us.

I was stressful
I hated myself
I had no confident
I thought you deserved someone better (at least thinner)
I just broke down, in overall
I just couldn't take it anymore

There you were, on the other side of the phone listening to my grumbles
And you told me a story of yours, which not many people knew 
I was shocked that you had such a past

Sharing enables two people to understand each other more
And this is so true especially to relationship

Love is not about waiting for the storm to past
Its about learning to dance in the rain

All the while I've been demanding myself to be someone perfect for you
I wanted to be the full-marks-girlfriend just like how you're such an awesome bf
And I was wrong
Because you just love the way i am
You told me, Don't be the perfect one, be the RIGHT one for me.
At that moment, i realize that's how a relationship can last

Having a life partner is not always about dating
Sometimes you might learn new things from your loved one
This is how a relationship grows
And i can sense that our love is growing too :)

Such a memorable day.
Hope that you love the pressie i got for you! (:
Darling, while i'm writing this, you're already in your sweet dreams.
In order to finish my work, i kept chasing you away from talking to me, I felt so guilty.
But i really have no choice, you know I have 2 assignments due today and tomorrow.
I just wanted to spend more time with during our date later :)
So, I must make sure I finished them.

And I wanted to tell you this, you know whats my weak point
One of them was that I 'm work-oriented
Like you said, if there's a need to prioritize on my job, I'll make sure do it before anything
Often during this, I might have forgotten about your feelings
What i wanna say is that, thanks for putting yourself in my shoes
I know its very hard for you to do so
I believe this kinda situation would always happen in future
So i have nothing but only this matter than need your compromise
I'll definitely compromise you as well
I think both of us are super mature in handling this relationship
Timing is so important, I told you :)
We're fated to be together

Anyway I told you i did something embarrassed in the class today
I told you I have no mood and didn't feel like saying it
So what happened was, the tutor asked something a super simple question in the class today
And I actively answered her ques with super long ans and in the end it was wrong
I was so embarrassing, I can't even answer a stupid question
Later on I got to redeem myself by answering few ques correctly
But I couldn't forgive myself, I just hated myself for being so stupid
Thats why my mood was really bad
I didn't dare to talk much to you, because when my mood was bad
I got impatient and I scared that I'd throw tantrum on you without any reason